Senior Leadership Team

Trudi Bartle

Executive Principal

Natalie Oldroyd

Acting Head of Academy, Deep Learning Lead

Leadership Team

Amy England

Associate Assistant Principal, Deep Learning Lead, Year 2 Teacher

Lynsey Coulman

Deep Support Lead, Maths Lead, NQT Mentor, Year 6 Teacher

Nathan Ullah

Deep Experience Lead, Curriculum Lead, Year 6 Teacher

Sharon Finn

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Emotional Well Being Lead, Safeguarding/Designated LAC Lead, Attendance, Behaviour

Tim Kelly

EYFS Lead, E-Safety Lead, EYFS Teacher

Liz Devaney


Michelle Howe

Reading Lead, Year 6 Teacher

Aysha Carlin

Director of Learning

Teaching Staff

Kim Plummer

Phonics Lead, Year 1 Teacher

Rose Garn

Writing Lead, RE Lead, Year 3, 4, 5 Teacher

Abby Storr

Music Lead, Year 6 Teacher

Eloise Puckering

History and Geography Lead, Year 2 Teacher

Laura Eggleton

Art Lead, EYFS Teacher

Iwan Heeley

PE Lead, Year 5 Teacher

Olivia Ashworth

Year 1 Teacher 

Support Staff

Janet Tallant

Early Years Practitioner

Joseph Bough

Cover Supervisor, PE Team Member

Samantha Capon

EWB member, Safeguarding Support, Child Protection Co-Ordinator

Katie Abbotts

Cover Supervisor, Key Stage 2 Intervention

 Rachael Hewitt

Cover Supervisor, EWB

Katie Shepherd

Cover Supervisor, Key Stage 1 Intervention

Teaching Assistants

Sharon Billham

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Jenny Blenkinsop

Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Shirley Fenwick

Teaching Assistant, Maths

Carole Hartley

Teaching Assistant, Year 3, 4, 5

Jackie Brough

Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Michele Collingwood

Teaching Assistant, Year 3, 4, 5

Kelly Parkinson

Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Donna Jackson

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Tracy Garrard

Teaching Assistant, Reading, Breakfast Club Lead

Kerstie Beech

Teaching Assistant, EWB

Asmaa Bensellam

Teaching Assistant, EAL 

Melanie Suggit

Teaching Assistant, Year 5

Rachel Wilson

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Ginny Oates

Teaching Assistant, iPASS 1:1

Kayleigh Carter

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Melissa Fox

Teaching Assistant, Year 3, 4, 5


Trish Maguire

Finance Manager, Health and Safety

Maria Shepherd

Admin and Organisational Officer, Attendance

John Powdrill


Peter Suggitt


Elaine Sisson

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Susan Wilson

Child Supervisory Support Officer