At Estcourt Primary we currently have a staggered start to our day which reduces any possible risk of COVID-19 transmission.   We ask that as far as possible only one adult attend the school site for drop off and pick-ups and if entering the school site a face mask is worn (unless medically exempt.)

Foundation Stage
Foundation 1 Caterpillars AM session: 8:30-11:30 Foundation 1 Caterpillars PM session: 12:10-3:10
Foundation 2 Ladybirds: 8:45-2:45 Foundation 2 Butterflies: 8:50-2:50  
Year 1 Turtles and Jellyfish: 9:00-3:00
Year 2 Dolphins: 8:55-2:55
Year 2 Octopus 9:00-3:00  

Lower KS2
Y3/4 Eagles 8:45-2:45
Y3/4 Toucans 8:50-2:50
Y3/4 Flamingos 9:00-3:00  

Upper KS2
Y5 Leopards 8:45-2:45
Y5/6 Tigers 8:55-2:55
Y6 Lions 8:50-2:50  
It is vital that pupils attend the setting on time and if you require any support around this please contact us.

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Mrs S Midgley-Wright