Reading at Estcourt

Estcourt Primary Approach to Reading                                  


Reading is a key aspect of the curriculum and along with writing, speaking and listening, including Oracy; it makes a significant contribution to the development of pupils as thinkers and learners. At Estcourt Primary Academy, we aim to do two things; encourage and develop a lifelong love of reading, and to teach pupils to be fluent, confident and expert readers, across a variety of genres and for a variety of purposes. This aims to ensure there is a rigorous and sequential approach to the teaching of reading, blending the two intentions, resulting in an embedded ethos of achievement.


Strategies for the teaching of Reading:

  • The academy uses a range of phonetically decodable books to support the teaching of early reading
  • Phonics will form the basis of all early reading
  • The academy follows the structure of Letters and Sounds
  • The academy uses a set of texts agreed across Delta Academy Trust
  • Texts will last for the term but the teaching sequence will also include poetry and non-fiction
  • At least one reading session is delivered daily
  • KS1 classes have an additional fluency reading session for 15 minutes a day.
  • Story Time: Teachers will plan a purposeful story time session daily in which they will model reading a text. This session is in line with the Delta recommended reads list for the specific year group and links to current learning across the curriculum
  • Library Time: Academy ‘Librarians’ work across breakfast club, lunchtime and at the end of the day to allow children to visit and lend books on a daily basis.

Additional reading sessions may include opportunities for:

  • Speed reading
  • Test practice
  • Decoding and phonics
  • Cold comprehension tasks to inform future planning
  • Direct vocabulary instruction
  • Pre- reading
  • Reading for pleasure (including comfy reading)

Delta Whole Class Reading Strategy

The Reading Strategy is a trust-wide approach to develop reading comprehension skills. It takes place every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. It incorporates age-appropriate, challenging texts, which are rich in vocabulary. The core texts are:

All Delta schools teach the same text in each year group. This allows for better collaboration and development and shared planning for schools. There is a clear focus on core comprehension skills which are age appropriate. The strategy aims to develop ‘depth’ in pupil’s responses to their reading. The use of a clear structure supports staff and develops confidence in their delivery of reading. All pupils are exposed to high quality texts and discussions, despite potential barriers to their word reading and comprehension. All year groups have a reading journals for their written response. These may be independent, guided, formal or informal responses to reading. These books reflect the pride and importance of reading. The core texts are supplemented with non-fiction and poetry to ensure that a broad range of literature is experienced.

Bug Club

Bug Club is a whole school reading scheme ensuring continuity and progressions for all readers throughout school.

Children have access to Bug Club online so that they are having the enjoyment of reading both at school and at home. Please see your child's Class Teacher for access details.

Click for Bug Club and Phonics Bug via ActiveLearn

Stay and Read

Every Monday parents and carers in Key Stage 2 are invited into the Academy for Stay and Read. This is an opportunity for the children to read to you.

Phonics Friday

On a Friday parents and carers in F1 and F2 aswell as Key Stage 1 are invited into the Academy for Phonics Friday. This is an opportunity for you to play Phonics games with your child and see how we teach Phonics in the Academy.

Speed Reading

Reading for Pleasure

The Academy places real emphasis on reading for pleasure and there is numerous opportunities to do this across the academy day; in class, at lunchtime, within the library and visiting the local library services. We have regular visits from local artists to inspire the children.